Ticket & Co

Direct benefits to you

The secret to your event’s success is owning 100% of your data.

Why share your customers with anyone else? Stop sending your website traffic to ticketing companies that claim your customers as their own and share your clients with your competitors!

Turn your websites, Facebook and other media into sales channels and sell more tickets online, save money, and build a community around your brand, not a ticketing company.

Ticket and Co provides more online insights and reporting than most other ticketing companies. This includes, how old they are, where they live, how often they buy tickets, what tickets they buy, where they heard about the event, and any other information you may require.

By understanding your clients, when they buy, and what marketing works best for them and your event, you are able to save costs on shot gun marketing tactics.

You don’t need expensive advertising campaigns to sell tickets. Understand your ROI with our extensive range of social media selling and marketing.

Customers are more likely to buy if referred through a friend on Facebook, so start working on growing your community and they will help grow your event.

The secret to your event’s success is owning 100% of your data