Ticket & Co

Account 2 Account 

A new payment options which allows customers to choose to pay either with the credit card or with a direct bank transfer (Account 2 Account).

Credit Card/Gate FeesĀ 

Ability to add Credit Card /Gate fees outside of the ticket. It can be a set monetary value (say $5) or it can be a percentage of the total order amount (5%) which can be retained by the Promoter/Event Management Company.

Ticket Insurance

Ability to provide an insurance option to customers who wish to purchase ticket insurance.

Time To Pay - (Ticket Finance)

Allows customers to pay off their tickets over a specified amount of time with multiple equal payments. E.g. A customer could pay off their $100 ticket over 4 equal payments which spans across 4 months. There is also the ability to add a Payment Plan/interest fee onto this.

My Fan Fare Affiliate Program – (Social Media Selling)

Allows customers to set themselves up as promoters/ticket sales representatives for the event. The customers can gain a unique booking link that they can use. The link tracks the activity of clicks, registrations and actual ticket purchases from this link. Those registered with the affiliate program can also earn commission/rewards for selling tickets for your event.

Data / Reports

Ticket and Co offers a vast amount of data collection and reporting for our clients. We can provide reports on sales, members who have subscribed, customer demographics and geographic information as well as financial reports. All of these are easily accessible at any time through VenueNET. The bonus is that all of this data is owned by you the client.

Fully customisable registration form

This allows you to either use Facebook as a login registration process or add or delete any registration variable when someone signs up to buy a ticket. For instance, if you wanted to know what their hair colour was or whether they were left or right handed, you could add these questions if you wanted.

Ticket TimelineĀ 

This allows you to change the price of a ticket type during the sales period rather than create a different ticket. For instance a GA Adult ticket may have several different price points throughout the sell in. eg Loyal, Early Bird, Local Full Price and Gate price. The ticket time line allows you to create 1 GA adult ticket and apply different prices and price labels to the ticket rather than creating a different ticket and price each time.